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“Though a Doctor, I have had my share of medical problems. I used to have frequent respiratory infections; used antibiotics like they were peanuts every couple of months. The wheezing was so loud that the neighbors could hear it. The nights were sleepless due to the itching of skin allergy. The allopathic medications did not help me”, this was me in 2015.

I could not find a solution to my medical problems in allopathy, the side-effects only made it worse. I lost hope and trust in what I had studied as a penance over a decade. 

I happened to stumble upon a book titled “What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About Nutritional Medicine May Be Killing You”, written by Dr. Ray D Strand. The book was an eye opener to the fact that Nutrition not only plays a vital role in health, but also can be used to reverse medical conditions.

Combined with my passion for reading, fueled by the need to find a solution towards a healthy life, I read over a 100 books on nutrition, more in the light of nutrition as medicine. My life began to change after I incorporated all the truth that unfolded from the reading. I reversed all my medical conditions. Today, I am a staunch advocate of Nutrition, Exercise, and Lifestyle as Medicine for treatment, reversal, and prevention of medical disorders.

As destiny would have it, I met a friend who has transformed herself and quite an influencer herself. We began offering help to people who wanted to lose weight. The combination of a Doctor and an Influencer helped people not only lose weight but also reverse their medical conditions.

What began as a weight loss program back in 2017, stands today as a signature clinic for the treatment, reversal, and prevention of metabolic disorders through Nutrition, Exercise, and Lifestyle, which is our mission today. Our continued R&D in the field of Nutritional Medicine, Exercise Medicine & Lifestyle Medicine envisions treatment, reversal, and prevention of ALL medical disorders in the world.

We invite you to explore the endless possibilities of a life of Positive Health without Medicine!


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