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Ashwini Alur is a lovely homemaker and a mother of two dynamic children. Being a mother and managing a family is a full-time job and the resultant stress often goes unacknowledged. Ashwini was on a journey to become a wonderful mother and the task took a toll on her health. She couldn’t give herself much time to focus on her wellness and thus, developed the PCOS/PCOD problem. Read more to find out how she tackled her sickness and emerged successfully!


The constant pain and suffering gave Ashwini a reality check and that’s when she decided to finally take active steps towards building quality life for herself. 

With the support of family and reading a couple of articles on the internet she resorted to various tips and tricks to lose weight. She was of the opinion that her obesity was the sole driving and deteriorating factor in her ill-health. Despite various tries and methods, there was no significant change in her weight or disease symptoms.

That’s when a close friend recommended her to try the weight loss and fitness program at The MediFit Clinic, Bengaluru. Ashwini quickly got herself enrolled into the metabolic health program (PCOS/PCOD reversal) fully charged to transform her life for the better!


Once enrolled, the team at MediFit conducted a comprehensive health assessment that included medical nutritional and fitness assessment. 

Ashwini was diagnosed with a medical history of hypothyroidism and PCOS/PCOD about a decade ago. She was battling an irregular menstrual cycle with the occurrence of periods once in 3 months with severe abdominal cramps on the first day. She experienced heavy bleeding on the first two days which declined to scanty or no bleeding by the end of 4th day. The combined condition of hypothyroidism and PCOS/PCOD compounded her obesity. She had grade II morbid obesity with a BMI of 32.28kg/m2. Further, it was revealed that she had an unhealthy diet pattern, low endurance, reduced strength, and poor lifestyle habits as a result of chronic stress. She had difficulty falling asleep and her physical activity level was nil.

Road to Transformation

Ashwini had her first consultation with the medical team who passionately solved her queries and meticulously explained the right way to lose weight while actively focusing on her health issues. After a detailed investigation of her biochemical parameters and assessment of the severity of her health disorders, she was walked through the pattern of healthy eating and the importance of adhering to the diet guidelines.

The program was initiated with a nutritionally balanced meal pattern and the client was weaned from a disordered lifestyle to a healthy one. 

Ashwini has been extremely diligent and compliant throughout her program. She’s someone who follows instructions to the ‘T’ and the secret to her impressive transformation over 6 months was the combined efforts of the right guidance and endless support and encouragement from Team MediFit and the client! She dropped a massive 11.4 kgs with a measurable decline in the body fat%, visceral fat, waist & hip circumference, and a rise in muscle weight. 

She dropped a massive 11.4 kgs with a measurable decline in the body fat%, visceral fat, waist & hip circumference, and a rise in muscle weight

Her cycles returned to normalcy with minimal abdominal cramps, reversed her PCOD problem and the dose of hypothyroid medicine was reduced. This was indeed a journey worth living for Ashwini and the team at MediFit!

Our Mantra

At MediFit we believe in “Treat, Reverse & Prevent Medical Disorders through Nutrition, Exercise & Lifestyle as medicine!” We do not follow fad diets, recommend “magic pills or powders” because there exists no shortcut to a healthy lifestyle. All that helps is your dedication, conviction, and adherence. We help you shed those extra kilos and get medically fit with extensive investigation, regular monitoring, and diet & lifestyle intervention.

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