'Age is No Bar to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus'

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Type 2 Diabetes Treatment in Whitefield

An old adage goes “Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose”. This sits well with Mrs Nagaratna who challenged obesity and type 2 diabetes mellitus at the age of 56. For her, age is no bar to making a change for a better tomorrow and that’s what makes us so proud of her!


Mrs. Nagaratna had a sweet family with a loving husband and adoring children. As fate had it, Nagaratna was struck with a blow when she lost her husband to a kidney disorder as a result of chronic complications of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM). The incident had a tremendous impact on her physical and emotional well-being. She grappled with depression and anxiety, one led to another and soon she was diagnosed with pre-diabetes. She couldn’t bear the thought of losing another parent to a lifestyle disorder. She coaxed Nagaratna to take her health seriously and approach a doctor to cure diabetes while it was still in the initial stage. That’s when the mother-daughter duo came across The MediFit Clinic, Bengaluru. The team at MediFit analyzed her case and recommended the Diabetes Reversal program. The MediFit team and Nagaratna’s family were all set to embark on a new journey!


Soon after enrolling into the program, Nagaratna underwent an extensive medical, nutritional, and fitness assessment. Nagaratna was diagnosed with Grade I morbid obesity with a BMI of 29.2 kg/m2. Body composition analysis revealed that she had high levels of body fat and less muscle weight. It was also observed that fat lining her vital organs (visceral fat) was large. Her blood glucose profile revealed pre-diabetes.  Furthermore, she struggles with a distorted meal pattern, low endurance, reduced strength, and poor lifestyle habits as a result of excessive stress and a sedentary lifestyle. She also complained of inadequate quality sleep and fatigue. The goal was to lose weight, cure diabetes and eventually lead a healthy life.

Enroute Wellness

The consultation with the medical team regarding her type 2 diabetes mellitus and other lifestyle habits brought relief to Nagaratna. Her queries pertaining to medications, eating patterns, and guidelines for a healthy lifestyle. She was counseled regarding the significance of increasing protein in the diet to enhance the metabolism of fat and raise the development of muscle mass.  

Nagaratna proved to be an immensely motivated client. After 3 months of vigorous healthy eating, light to moderate-intensity exercise, a shift in lifestyle patterns resulted in a whopping decrease in the HbA1c levels from 6.2% to 5.2%. There was a remarkable decline in her body fat % and a rise in lean body mass. 

After 3 months of vigorous healthy eating, light to moderate-intensity exercise, a shift in lifestyle patterns resulted in a whopping decrease in the HbA1c levels from 6.2% to 5.2%

 This aided in increasing the body’s response to insulin and thereby enhancing the uptake of glucose into the muscle cells for energy. Further, her blood sugar levels were regularised and sleep quality improved notably. Her conviction to stay put and the team’s selfless support proved to be a massive success, and thus cured her type 2 diabetes mellitus. Their triumph is worth taking note of!

Our Mantra

At MediFit we believe in “Treat, Reverse & Prevent Medical Disorders through Nutrition, Exercise & Lifestyle as medicine!” We do not follow fad diets, recommend “magic pills or powders” because there exists no shortcut to a healthy lifestyle. All that helps is your dedication, conviction, and adherence. We help you shed those extra kilos and get medically fit with extensive investigation, regular monitoring, and diet & lifestyle intervention.

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