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weight loss clinic in Sadashivnagar

Weight Loss Clinic in Sadashivnagar

“The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease. ” ― Thomas A. Edison

We are a team of medical professionals with a different school of thought. Our motto is prevent more and treat less. We believe that hospitals are only sickcare and true healthcare is preventing the disease even before it manifests.

If you are suffering from a medical problem that can be addressed by nutrition, exercise or lifestyle modification, then we are happy to help.

We provide consultations and medical programs for management of lifestyle disorders like obesity, diabetes, PCOS, etc without any pills or powders.

Looking for the best weight loss clinic in Sadashivnagar or weight loss doctor in Sadashivnagar? Then look no fur and visit us today.

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The Founder

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Weight Loss Doctor in Sadashivnagar

Dr. Bharath is a specialist in Sports Medicine, Exercise Medicine & Nutritional Medicine. He is a certified low carbohydrate & ketogenic treatment specialist, and a staunch advocate of nutrition, exercise and lifestyle as medicine.

He has been the Team Doctor of the Indian Boxing team, has worked with elite athletes like the legendary Mary Kom and world #1 Nikhat Zareen who won Gold during the IBA Women’s World Boxing Championships 2022 in Istanbul, Turkey and the Commonwealth Games 2022 in Birmingham, England.

Previously, he has been a consultant to sporting organizations like the Sports Authority of India & the Sports Authority of Karnataka. He has led anti-doping missions for the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), International Cricket Council (ICC), and Hockey India (HI), as a Doping Control Officer. He has also been a Ringside Physician at the Pro-Boxing competitions.

An alumnus of the prestigious Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports, Patiala, he has been featured on television, radio, and print media. He is an active speaker at various national and international conferences.

Dr. Bharath Kumar B

MBBS, PGDSM (Sports Medicine), [MSc (Nutrition)]

Founder & Medical Director

What Do We Do?

"Treat, Reverse, Prevent”

We help you lose weight safely under medical supervision. Your food, exercise, and lifestyle are customized to work as medicine. No pills or powders.

Metabolic Health

We help you restore your metabolism and fix the micronutrient deficiencies impairing your metabolic health. This is the first step towards a disease-free life since metabolic dysfunction is the root cause of all medical conditions.

Metabolic Fitness

We help you restore your metabolism and fix the micronutrient deficiencies impairing your metabolic health. This is the first step towards a disease-free life since metabolic dysfunction is the root cause of all medical conditions.

We make diabetes reversal easy for you. The diets are not very restrictive; you do not have to starve yourself or eat some foreign ingredients. Your own food tweaked a bit, and strategic use of exercise snacks along with lifestyle modifications, should help you reverse not just diabetes but also other metabolic conditions like polycystic ovarian syndrome, hypertension, etc

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Why MediFit?

"We Love What We Do”

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Scientific Approach

Natural Treatment

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Why Choose MediFit?

“Your Success, Our Passion”

MediFit has a comprehensive team of medical professionals comprising doctors, nutritionists, fitness and lifestyle specialists. Our  360 degree approach to healthcare ensures that you achieve your health goals safely.

All that we do at MediFit is designed on the principles of nutrition, exercise and lifestyle as medicine. The interventions are completely natural and there are no magic pills or powders.

We follow the mantra of ‘learn, practice & preach’. We teach you the science, we guide you while you practice the art on yourself, and we empower you while you preach it to others.

The results at MediFit are achieved by slow, steady and sustainable habit building so that they become a part of your life. The root-cause reversal approach helps you have lasting benefits for a lifetime.

The MediFit team is available for both offline and online consultations at flexible times that suit you. The app based SMART tracking  ensures consistency in follow up.

Why Medifit?







What People Say About Us?

“Real People, Real Success”

“Dr. Bharath is amazing and guides you with his knowledge. It is not some clinic that helps you manage or lose weight, it is a lifestyle-altering school. The team is very accessible and works with you hand-on, you are set for life if you follow them. Thanks, MediFit!”

Vasundara Shashi Kumar


“The medical weight loss program focuses on scientific nutrition to improvise health. The focus is on your most loved and least loved food so that the chances of sticking to it are very high. It is easy to follow and understand. Thanks, MediFit!”

Chetan Srinivasa


“The medical weight loss program focuses on scientific nutrition to improvise health. The focus is on your most loved and least loved food so that the chances of sticking to it are very high. It is easy to follow and understand. Thanks, MediFit!”

Chetan Srinivasa


“I had been trying to lose weight but was unsuccessful. I was anemic and had gastric issues. I not only lost 6 kilos in 2 months, but my health issues vanished too. Thanks, MediFit!”

Uma Harinath


Success Stories

"Real People, Real Stories."

Age is NO Bar to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

An Awe-spiring Journey Back from PCOS/PCOD

Path Back from Fatty Liver

What People Say About Us?

“Real People, Real Success”

I Goutam Singh Virdi along with wife Marry Rani (Taekwondo Coaches from Sports Authority of India) have been associated with Medifit for Medical Weight Loss Program under the able, personal, specific, goal oriented guidance of the Director of Medifit, Dr. Bharath Kumar, the Sports Medicine & Medical Weight Loss Expert. Medifit has a dynamic team of committed professionals such as Ms. Seema (The Nutritionist) & Ms. Pallavi (The Fitness Expert) those who have been helping us by prescribing & monitoring our hourly, daily & weekly schedule in terms of nutrition, exercise and lifestyle guidance. We have been into competitive sports since last more than 2 decades but a new innings came when we came across something called medical weight loss program under Medifit. This has also given us a number of practical benefits along with a knowledge based day to day program. There are number of life style modifications which can't be expressed here, but in nut shell, I can say that it's a discipline which makes a difference. We strongly recommend, the Medical Weight Loss Program under Medifit for those who want a healthier, fitter & active life style. ENOUGH OF CORONA.....Now let's get fitter. Cheers.......
SAI Taekwondo
SAI Taekwondo
August 8, 2021.
This is my 9th week with MediFit family. I feel privileged to be a part of this. In spite being obese my main reason to join this programme was irregularities in my menstrual cycle. This has been fixed within 8weeks. Im on my way to a healthy lifestyle, fit &trim♥️. All thanks to Dr Bharat and his team. Highly recommend MediFit Clinic.
Liby Jose
Liby Jose
July 15, 2021.
I was active starting from my school days represented football team, running team, best NCC cadet, swimmer, and many more. Thanks to my parents for good gene’s however this is not enough we need to follow healthy lifestyle and diet time to time. After my engineering graduation, I had the option to join the Armed forces and a corporate job. I decided to start my career in corporate, where most of my day I sit and work for more than 8 to 10 hrs. Due to the nature of my job, I started gaining weight and changed my diet patterns like eating late, eating out frequently . To some extent I tried joining fitness clubs, cycling and running also tried different diet programs in the past but still, it did not help me to go back to a fit body and disciplined diet. I participated in some sessions of the Medifit by Dr. Bharath , I found Dr. Bharath is very knowledgeable in sports medicine, nutrition and treating obesity. The doctor along with experienced senior dieticians and fitness trainers helping people to reduce weight without any weight loss supplements, medicines and without any side effects. I joined 3 months program Doctor and Dieticians team during my first counseling asked about my current lifestyle, food habits, likes/dislikes, medical history, etc., and recommended to undergo some Blood tests. Based on my complete details & medical reports, the team made some changes to my diet. I followed instructions 100%, and to my complete amazement I felt better within a week!! I couldn't believe it- it was completely life-changing. I tried almost many different Diet programs like Protein, Fat-Free, Sugar-Free, food supplements, etc. but none of the things helped me in losing weight to a reasonable level. I continued my sessions with the team and continued to follow the plan. It’s been almost 3 months now I reduced 6kgs, and it's has been life-changing. I look and feel amazing!!! Thanks, Dr. Bharath, Dieticians and team for helping me to go back to my healthy lifestyle and I am confident to continue my healthy diet and fitness journey to achieve my goals.
Suresha HP
Suresha HP
June 28, 2021.
I had originally consulted with Dr. Bharat for my knee pain and the subsequently joined the program in January 2021. I needed to lose weight and the program worked out very well. I lost about 7kgs in those three months. The plans they work out for you are easy to follow . Very simple wholesome food which doesn't make it tough on you. Also I was never hungry which is such a great feeling when you are working on a weight loss plan. The team are committed to make you succeed but always remember that it is a two way journey. If you trust the team and do your bit , the whole experience is one that helps.you physically as well as emotionally. I llked that they checked your health status with blood tests, etc and then prescribed a plan that is tailor made for you taking into account your lifestyle , etc. I also had a lot of laughs while interacting with the group of people from Medifit making it a very positive experience. I.would recommend this to program to individuals who are looking at weightloss in a healthy and progressive way.
Shonalee Damodar
Shonalee Damodar
June 21, 2021.
There is a huge difference between attempting to loose body weight by own self with half baked knowledge and loosing body weight through guidance under nutrional expertise like Dr Bharath . I had a strong belief in my half baked knowledge by following the former approach until i learnt how wrong my understanding was on loosing body weight . I was a person who tried all kinds of different diets and techniques to loose weight , i did loose a little bit of weight and gained back in less time. Thats when i decided to enroll under Dr Bharath as a last attempt before giving up , and can say that it was one of the best decesions made . Dr Bharath and entire team gave different dimension to my weight loss success journery I lost a total weight of 5 kilos . To reiterate i was a person who suffered from insulin resistance and was skinny fat, to loose fat from my body type (skinny fat) is quiet a challenge , that is where the whole Medifit clinic experts made a difference to tackle my problem. I am happy today that i have learnt a knowledge for life about my diet which i can implement for rest of life to maintain or loose more weight. A big cheers to Dr Bharath , Seema & Farhan for being a part of my weight loss journey. A sensible one time investment can change your life forever .
promoad suresh
promoad suresh
May 29, 2021.
I first met Dr. Bharath for my leg pain. Later on I started the weight loss program. According to me I don't feel it as a weight loss program rather I can say it as a lifestyle correction program. The brighter side of program is there is no restrictions for eating any food, unless we need to eat it in a smarter way. At the beginning I felt if I could follow the diet. But now I don't even feel I'm into the program. I have easily lost 9 kgs till now. The transformation of our lifestyle is so smooth and convenient. Eventhough i felt little difficult in the beginning to adjust it feels really good now. Thank you Bharath, Pallavi and Seema for your great support.
Kusumamadhu6644 4
Kusumamadhu6644 4
March 30, 2021.
I want to express my deepest gratitude to Doc and his entire team, I am so confident that now I can take charge of my health.i am overweight ,had been through many hormonal treatment . I wanted to exercise ,but my body was not coping up ,used to get many aches n pains and I used to stop exercises.was following many ayurvedic principles with food ,I was off sugar ,but was using jaggery, using millets and switched to cold pressed oils but something was missing or I was not doing something correctly ,I was not losing weight at all ,and was feeling veey tired always. At that time I consulted Doc through an online interaction and enrolled for 3 months program .Got all investigations done ,some of the results were very bad ,my HbA1c was 7 and fasting insulin was 30 ,I was scared as this is a diabetic condition .with all the support n guidance from doc I started to follow the diet and after 2 months i started excercising . He answered every question that I asked ,sometimes it would be silly but for me it felt it felt the need to verify with him ,he patiently answered every query and I started losing weight ,I lost 5 kgs in 3 months ,but for me I regained my active side I began to exercise and became very active ,and few days back I got all my investigations done a my HbA1c is 6.6 which is a big relief and today doc spoke to me and told me few more things that I need to do ,even though I'm out of thier program he still continues to support me that's a human touch . in deep gratitude to Doc,I would not have been able to do this without him.wishing him and his entire team success and happiness .May you touch many more lives ..Thank you so much ...
aarati Patil
aarati Patil
March 29, 2021.
Great help in getting to my desired goal in and with a holistic approach! Would recommend them over any get fit or get slim programs!!! Thanks dr Bharath
Vickyath .k
Vickyath .k
January 16, 2021.
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