'Path Back from Fatty Liver'

Fatty Liver Treatment in Jayanagar

Fatty Liver Treatment in Jayanagar

Teachers become the knight in shining armour to their students but often forget to prioritise themselves. The credit for our success and achievements in academics or careers goes to our wonderful teachers back at school and college. One such phenomenal teacher and mother is Mrs Lincy Mariya who worked relentlessly round the clock to ensure her students and family received the best of everything. This is the story of an exceptional woman and the stupendous team at The MediFit Clinic.

A Peak into the Past

Lincy is a middle-aged woman whose life revolved around her school and family. She is a full-time teacher at a reputed school and comes back home to a loving family. She was so engrossed in raising her child and teaching her students that she lost track of her wellness. She did not have a fixed time to eat her meals or exercise regularly. Her poor lifestyle and eating patterns took a toll on her health and eventually Lincy came down with bouts of increased heart rate on exertion. The family got worried about Lincy’s failing health and owing to her family history of diabetes and hypertension, it was settled that they approach a doctor and nutritionist immediately to reverse these symptoms for a better quality of life. That’s when Lincy came across an acquaintance who recommended her to MediFit, and since then Lincy’s life has changed forever!


Lincy was introduced to the medical team at MediFit and was enrolled in the Medical weight loss program. After a comprehensive medical, nutritional, and fitness assessment, Lincy had a medical history of Fatty liver – Grade II. She also had Grade II morbid obesity with a BMI of 34.25 kg/m2 owing to excessive stress and a sedentary lifestyle. The medical screening revealed hypovitaminosis D3, impaired insulin tolerance, and chronic low-grade inflammation, thereby increasing her risk for developing a cardiovascular disorder. She experienced extreme fatigue and tiredness, palpitations on exertion, and a decline in productivity. In brief, Lincy was affected by a debilitating condition.

Their primary goal was weight loss and being consistent with exercise and other healthy lifestyle habits.

New life, New tide

Team MediFit adopted a holistic approach to treat Lincy’s condition and reduce the gravity of her symptoms. She was ushered towards the right way to lose weight while actively focusing on her nutritional deficiencies and health disorders. A team of experts was assigned to thoroughly investigate, assess and analyse the case.  Further, she was recommended a diet plan tailored to her requirements, personal preferences, and taking her multi-nutritional deficiencies into consideration and a simple exercise regime was suggested. She quickly jumped onto the bandwagon of health transformation.

Her compliance and adherence were top-notch. She shed 12 kilos within 6 months of time,  gained muscle weight with a remarkable decline in body fat and visceral fat%.

She shed 12 kilos within 6 months of time, gained muscle weight with a remarkable decline in body fat and visceral fat%

She has a considerable amount of weight loss, her energy levels were revamped, deficiencies corrected and sleep quality improved.  She could lose weight owing to regular exercise and strict diet adherence. Lincy along with the team at MediFit has come a long way and there’s no looking back!

Our Mantra

At MediFit we believe in “Treat, Reverse & Prevent Medical Disorders through Nutrition, Exercise & Lifestyle as medicine!” We do not follow fad diets, recommend “magic pills or powders” because there exists no shortcut to a healthy lifestyle. All that helps is your dedication, conviction, and adherence. We help you shed those extra kilos and get medically fit with extensive investigation, regular monitoring, and diet & lifestyle intervention.

We give the best fatty liver treatment in Jayanagar. Visit us today to know more.

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