When is snacking good for you?

First, let us understand why snacking is BAD for you in the first place.

Each time you have a meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner) or a snack (mid morning, evening or bed time), the digestive system releases enzymes to breakdown the food to simple nutrients which are then absorbed in the gut. During the process of digestion, many hormones are released. Insulin is one such hormone which helps in transport of glucose and amino acids into the cell.

How do I know if I am losing fat or muscle?

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How many times do we relish the food we eat?

I’m a hardcore foodie. I love food. It’s my stress buster. It’s my mood elevator.

But still this thought crossed my mind.

The dish was a simple ‘upma’, beautifully prepared by my dear wife, she’s a great cook. I enjoyed every bit of it, every ingredient of it, which I hardly realized. 

How to eat healthy without counting calories?

Calorie counting is a trap, a trap that misleads you into eating unhealthy packaged foods instead of natural wholesome food because all foods are treated equally in terms of calories.

How NOT to fall into the trap?